A Story in Parts

by Sam Pinkerton

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“A Story in Parts” is as it is named. It is the heartbreaking moment of losing love and losing your mind. Each of the six parts meld together to create one twenty minute musical novella - weaving you in and out of one’s exploration of doubt, self examination, realization and healing.
Between the honesty, breaks in melody and every form of intricate instrumentation, unique to Pinkerton as an artist, you will be entangled deeper into this unapologetic falling out.
Together, each piece creates one art form that will wholeheartedly break your heart as you relive the tale part by part.
Journey through Sam Pinkerton’s “A Story in Parts” and discover a new way to listen to music.


released February 17, 2015

All songs written by Sam Pinkerton
Vox/Acoustic Guitar - Sam Pinkerton
BGVs - Dinah Smith
Electric Guitar - Sam Pinkerton (1), Julian Dente (1&2), David Dreas (3)
Keys/Piano - Daniel Weatherby
Cello - Kenneth Coca
Bass - Joey Norman
Drums - Kevin Rooney

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered - David Dreas
Recorded - First Ave. Sound, Franklin, TN



all rights reserved


Sam Pinkerton Nashville, Tennessee

Sam Pinkerton, a writer of stories and songs, originally from Venice Beach, Florida, moved to Nashville, TN to establish herself as an independent songwriter & singer in 2011.

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Track Name: Part I
Darling, won’t you sleep. It’s what you need.

We can put this off ‘till the morning.

I know you’re scared I am going to leave.

But I don’t know

if I’m ever coming home.

I just need to think

about the reasons I have to leave.

I’ve been waiting patiently to speak.

And I’m spent. and I’m lonely.

But I don’t know

if I’m ever coming home.

I said I’d try.

I said goodbye.
Track Name: Part II
You told me you loved me.

I hate you. You’re cunning.

I see this becoming more

than I had ever wanted or intended.

I see you. I hear you.

It’s all in my rearview now.

I’m never coming back.

I’m never leaving faster.

No one is faithful anymore.

You done, you done, you done wrong.

No one’s in love.

No one is faithful anymore.
Track Name: Part III
Darling, I’m barely hanging on.

It’s been years since I’ve felt in love

I’m getting better.

Darling, I’ve been seeing someone.

She tells me that I’ll be just fine.

I’m not getting better.

Not any better.
Track Name: Part V
I still feel you in my bed like you never even left.

Then I close my eyes and fall asleep,

and see you in the dreams inside my head.

And I never want to wake, ‘cause the loneliness I face

is chilling what’s inside of me.

It’s more than warmth from my body you take.

Still, the morning sun will rise.

My heart convinced that you are mine.

But these damn dreams, they lie to me.

I wake up thinking everything is fine.

Every night when I cry myself to sleep

and I think that I’d be better off dead.

I pray to God, that He’d give me some peace,

and I pray that you'd live in regret.

All my love is gone.

I’m fine. I’m fine.

I promise you.
Track Name: Part VI
Someday, someday I’m going to find release.

Stop wondering why you left me.

I don’t, I don’t know what I’m here for.

But asking myself only makes things worse.

But I was raised to pray when it hurts,

“Fix my broken mind.”

I blame my head, I blame my sight.

Poking at somebody’s side

and I’m gauging out their eyes,

but it’s I who is blind.

When will I see?